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Quality Replacement Filters For Less

Beer Filter Testimonials      See our new Frequently Asked Questions page

BEER FILTERS      Using the Beer Filter

Beer Filter SystemsUltimately, there's only one reason you brew your own beer. You tell some people it's a hobby. You tell others it's less expensive than store-bought beer. But above all, you endure the hassles and the waiting because you like the way your beer satisfies your taste. And that's just the way it should be. Too bad your beer sometimes doesn't look as good as it tastes. Or maybe, even worse, it ends up tasting just the way it does look. If your beer isn't just the way you like it -even occasionally- we've got a simple proposition. Maybe it's time you bought yourself something that'll have your beer living up to the highest standards.
Can also be used with wine!
Call for Details!


The Filter Store Plus has put together custom beer filtration systems for those who brew sizable batches of beer (brewpubs)

For the homebrewer, The Filter Store has a simple, inexpensive way to ensure the best possible results from your efforts. We call our beer filter "The Kit". You'll call it a miracle.

We've put together everything you need to remove bacteria, yeast, sediment, and chill haze in one foolproof beer filtration kit.

This state-of-the-art filtration system is designed to satisfy the demands of the most finicky home brewmeister. Yet it's so simple that even a rank beginner can turn out better beer, from day one on!

Homebrew Beer Filter SystemsIn "The Kit", you get a rugged, clear plastic housing, a 0.5 micron high-efficiency polypropylene cartridge* that has been known to handle up to 250 gallons of beer, six feet of fiberglass-reinforced nylon tubing, and the fittings that take the housing from 3/4" NPT to 1/4" hosebarb. And now we are offering the 3476-A wrench with the kit for no extra charge! The clear plastic filter housing is made of reinforced polypropylene, a corrosion-resistant plastic, with a manual bleed valve. The 99.98%-efficient, single-piece filter element can be easily cleaned using regular household bleach and water or a lye solution. It can also be backflushed under low pressure. You'll want to use C02 or a low-volume pump with 20 psi to push your beer through the filter. Though gravity can be used, it's not recommended, as the process is painfully slow. Click on the Using the Beer Filter link below for a full set of instructions.

* 5 micron cartridges are available at no extra charge.

You won't need a champagne pocketbook to buy it.

For just under 80 bucks we'll send you "The Kit". You can order extra filter elements at the same time, if you wish. We're so sure you'll like everything about "The Kit" that we'll guarantee your satisfaction. If you're not convinced "The Kit" is everything we said it is, just call our toll-free '800' number and tell us.


Part number Price





Kit comes complete with either 0.5 or 5.0 micron cartridge. Specify cartridge desired at time of order

5041-AF (0.5 micron) $59.55
5059-AF (5.0 micron) $48.05
3476-A wrench for housing $10.95
5404-A closure O-ring $ 9.65


**Ask about our special for returning customers**

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"My experience with filters designed for water have been uniformly unsatisfactory.  I have tried several types that failed to deliver bright beer.  I finally shelled out for a pleated unit from The Filter Store, and I am happy to report that the one I chose works as advertised."

"Excerpted from *Brew Like a Pro* © by Dave Miller, used with permission from Storey Publishing."

 Visit Dave's website at: brewlikeapro.net or purchase Dave's book from Storey Publishing 


 Please check out what homebrewer Adam Keck had to say about using our kit on his blog Keck During Wartime, and make sure you check out his other posts as well.  http://keckduringwartime.blogspot.com/2014/01/adventures-in-production-home-brewing_28.html



I recently purchased one of your homebrew filtration units with a 0.5micron filter size. Your product exceeded my expectations! It left my Ocktoberfest sparkling clear. I was experiencing some slight chill haze problems and had already lagered my beer for quite some time. It would have taken more time for the haze to fall out, IF it would have fallen out. Total filtering time was about 10 minutes and left a sparkling, crystal clear beer that would rival any commercially made, filtered beer. Plus mine tasted better.

Thank you very much,
Joe Fleischman


Using the Beer Filter     See our new Frequently Asked Questions page

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